Shimony provides tax consulting and ongoing advisory services to our clients' vis-à-vis the various tax authorities in Israel (Income tax, the National Insurance Institute and VAT payments). Our office provides representation for hundreds of companies, self-employed persons and employees.

These services are provided at different levels:

  • Ongoing support by our bookkeeping and payroll processing divisions, including the submitting of monthly reports and the arranging of various payments to the tax authorities as well as preparing the annual reports on salaries and deductions.
  • Preparation and submission of the annual tax reports for companies, where our office serves as the representative accountant; addressing problems arising from the presentation of these reports and representing our clients at various discussions and reviews with the tax authorities. This service includes assistance and consulting throughout the year regarding all taxation-related issues arising in the normal course of business which require interaction with the tax authorities.
  • Preparation and submission of personal income tax reports for self-employed persons, controlling owners of companies and employees who are obliged to or wish to submit a tax report - see section on Private Taxation.